Ciao, I'm Samuele Onelia

Samuele Onelia

But you can call me Sam.

I run 2 websites:
2. and (this is in Italian).

I've been earning a living writing copy, blogging, planning email marketing campaigns, recording podcasts, creating infoproducts of every kind and managing coaching programs.

I'm self-employed since 2017, before I worked also as pharmacist.

I grew up in Italy, but today I live between Asia and Europe.

Here you see on what I focus right now.

Internet is better with friends, so do reach out to me on Twitter.


My main focus remains my 2 website and my clients, but on the side I play with Twitter.

I'm planning a writing challenge on it.

I will write 30 threads in 30 days.

I've no expectation on it. I've been reading about various challenge like this, and I want to try one myself.

You can check the outcome on my Twitter, of course.